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Curriculum Vitae



Richard is a dynamic researcher with more than a decade’s experience in qualitative research. He has always worked agency side; his latest role as head of OpenMind London, the Hall & Partners brand strategy team. Richard is an empathetic individual who quickly builds rapport with respondents, colleagues, and clients alike. His passion for brands, culture, people, and business means the interaction between these dynamics are always top of mind. A firm believer that the client question, not methodology, should drive the approach; Richard is expert at integrated methodology projects.


Richard has a wealth of experience across key strategic challenges, from behaviour change, brand migration, and communication development through to audience understanding, segmentation and product innovation. These challenges have spanned various categories, most notably financial (retail, RBB, loans, digital payments); FMCG (male grooming, personal care, face care, laundry, hot beverages, confectionary), social and charity research, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and retail.


A confident speaker, Richard has presented at two MRS conferences and engaged C-Suite audiences; and is equally adept at delivering sensitive stories to stakeholders, and engaging teams to help drive organisational change.


Richard has an Advanced Certificate from the MRS, and has completed the MRS Advanced Qualitative Practitioner, AQR Advanced Moderation and AQR Foundation Courses. Richard graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BA (Hons) in Psychology, Sociology and History. 



10/2015 - 10/2017  

Hall & Partners – London, UK

Partner, OpenMind


Building on his experience as a qualitative research practitioner, Richard took on the exciting role of setting up and leading H&P OpenMind in London. A new division within the UK business, OpenMind is a team of specialist qualitative practitioners and brand strategists. The role required Richard to be a leader, seller and doer – working closely with the global CEO to develop the offer and set the team’s vision and direction.  


Highlights include being shortlisted for an MRS award and AURA award, presenting at 2 MRS conferences, and growing client relationships. A stand out project was developing a global behaviour change strategy for an international financial institution, leading a global mixed methodology project including 54 x 3 hour groups across 6 markets.


04/2014 - 10/2015 

Research Sense – London, UK

Freelance Qualitative Researcher


Freelancing offered Richard the opportunity to work with some of the best agencies in London, across a number of challenges from product testing and development, to strategic brand questions. Integrating into project teams, Richard presented himself to clients as one of the agency: writing winning proposals, doing fieldwork, leading analysis, or delivering findings – depending on what the agency required.

01/2012 – 04/2014                                                                        

Sundance – London, UK

Project Director


As an agency specialising in international strategic projects for mainly FMCG brands, Richard built on his existing skill as a researcher by developing his moderation and analysis skills, and taking on more large scale national and international projects in brand / campaign / concept development, positioning, segmentations, brand audits and cultural intelligence projects.


Key elements of the role include:

  • Interpreting the client brief into a suitable research approach and write winning proposals

  • Setting up international projects (up to 9 markets) in terms of discussion guides, briefing documents, analysis templates

  • Be key client contact for local and international studies in terms of setup, direction, progress and analysis

  • Conducting national and international fieldwork (depths, extended depths, groups, extended groups, online, accompanied shopping…)

  • Briefing local markets in-market, viewing groups and conducting in-depth market analysis to feed into international analysis sessions

  • Integrating local market analysis (from additional methodologies) into a comprehensive market analysis document

  • Writing regional and international reports and debriefing these to senior stakeholders (in a presentation or workshop format

  • Developing and delivering new client pitches



07/2010 – 12/2011                                                                          

Basis Research – London, UK

Associate Director


Upon joining Basis, Richard continued to build his moderation, analysis, and presentation skills. This role saw him undertake international fieldwork, as well as conduct extensive in home trials and a number of usability studies. Richard's enthusiasm, organisational skills and flexibility were proven invaluable in the running of these trials, which involved up to fiifty households taking part in a multi-stage study.


Key elements of the role included:

  • Managing and conducting local and international fieldwork

  • Conducting viewed and unviewed groups and depths with respondents aged 9 to 78

  • Managing key client relationships, particularly with a telecommunications provider working on a range of their products and services

  • Conducting online fieldwork

  • Motivating and managing project teams on larger projects

  • Preparing and delivering debriefs to senior audiences


10/2007 – 07/2010                                                        

TNS Research International – London, UK

Consultant (Upper Level) – Specialist Markets Qualitative


  • Qualitative research in the financial, technology, and consumer sectors

  • Key involvement in the development of account relationships

  • Responsible for the design and delivery of projects to meet client objectives

  • Design and develop discussion guides, screener documents, proposals and presentations / reports

  • Working closely with quantitative teams to deliver integrated proposals and debriefs

  • Line management responsibilities of a Research Executive and a Graduate Trainee


10/2006 – 09/2007

TNS Global – London, UK

Graduate Trainee


  • Completed the MRS Advanced certificate as well as internal training ranging from Excel and PowerPoint to the basics of marketing, selling, project management, scripting and data analysis and all TNS business solutions.

  • Did four rotations each lasting three months in Financial and Professional Services, Consumer, Media and Technology

  • Delivered four presentations to senior management on Market Trends; How to Improve Client Relationships; Ideas for the Improvement of Business Administration; and, Social Networking and Potential Marketing Implications



BA (Honours)

University of Stellenbosch, South Africa 


  • Sociology and Social Anthropology – (First)

  • Modules included Social Research Methodology, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Work, Gender, Social Demography and Urban Studies, Culture and Identity Studies, and a 70 page dissertation.


2002 - 2004

BA (Social Dynamics)            

University of Stellenbosch, South Africa            


  • Majored in Psychology, Sociology and History – (2:1)

  • Minor in Political Philosophy.


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